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Trinity United Church of Christ -Gary MINISTRIES

African and African Diaspora

In the spirit ofcommitment to the vision of our congregation and commitment to the legacy left to us in our cultural roots, this ministry seeks to expose and educate the congregation and community to the diversity, richness and importance ofthe African Cultural experience worldwide.


This ministry is for those individuals who have a heartfelt desire for the care and oversight of God's people here at TUCC -Gary. All deacons are required to undergo specific training for a full understanding of the true meaning of deaconship as mandated in 1 Timothy 3. Here at TUCC -Gary deacons have undertaken the tremendous responsibility in being the right hand ofthe Pastor. Deacons assist the pastor in caring for the membership and ministers to the membership as Worship Leaders..

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Ministry

Because "he who the son sets free, is free indeed," this ministry works to help bring deliverance from addiction and reconciliation back to the community.

Family Ministries

There is something for everyone within our activefamily ministries department. Geared to meet the needs of the entire nuclear household, activities, workshops, and outings are designed with age appropriateness in mind for the younger members and content sensitive for adult participants.


The finance committee members oversee the day-to-day operating costs of TUCC Gary as well as develop projections toward long rangefinancial goals ofthe church.


Believing in making every visitor and memberfeel welcome, the hospitality ministry caters to the individual needs within the body of the TUCC -Gary church family.

Information Technology (IT)

This ministry works to maintain the IT ofthe church. We seek to help the church communicate to the world in the most current language through the most up to date equipment. This ministry maintains the toolsfrom phones to computers to power point presentations.

Internal Security

The major priority for members of this ministry is making sure all individuals feel safe, comfortable, and secure while worshiping, ministering, and working within TUCC-Gary.

In The Heart of The Community

In accordance with the vision of our church this ministry seeks to be a vessel for community concerns to be heard. We hold community forums and distribute information concerning the political, economic and social needs of the community to the congregation and broader community of Northwest Indiana.


The pure sound of our music and spoken ministries are due largely to the efforts of the technology ministry. Responsibilities not only include archiving the preachings and teachings of TUCC-Gary through both audio recordings and video taping for later transmission, but also includes the set-up, dismantling, and maintenance of electronic equipment.


All males over the age of 18 are automatically considered a member of the Men's Ministry at TUCC-Gary. Activities within the department are designed with both a social as well as a spiritual focus in mind while allowing men to fellowship with other men within the Christian Body.

Rites of Passage Mentoring (Men to Boys)

Boys learn the lessons ofmanhood from male mentors through weekly fellowship, teaching, and activities geared toward providing positive relationships and role models for our male youth.

New Membership

Making the decision to join a church, either as a brand new convert or through Christian experience can present with many different emotions for most individuals. The purpose of the Membership Ministry is to make the transition as smooth, organized, and positive as possible as we welcome new members.

Outreach Ministries

In our commitment to the community, TUCC-Gary provides various ministries to reach beyond the doors of the church house to meet the people where they are.

Prayer Warriors (Prayer and Fasting)

The Spiritual Prayer Warriors are a group of dedicated individuals using intercessory prayer on the behalf of both the individual as well as the Church as a whole under the guidance ofthe Holy Spirit.


Working as a Board of Directors, the vision of TUCC-Gary is examined and expanded upon.

Tribes of Israel

Divided into 12 groups, representing the 12 tribes of Israel corresponding to each calendar month, all members of TUCC -Gary are automatically considered part of the birthday fellowship for their designated month. Activities may vary from group to group, yet all are planned to promote inclusion and familiarity with those within your particular birthday month.


The Trustees handle count and record the monies ofthe church collected from offerings to ministry dues.


It is a joy to help someone find their way and give them comfort in making space for them. The ushers serve our Savior by making sure that you are comfortable. If you desire to put a smile on someone's face come and join us.


All women over the age of 18 are automatically considered a member of the Women's Ministry at TUCC-Gary. Activities within this department are designed with both a social as well as a spiritual focus in mind all while allowing women to fellowship with other women within the Christian body.

Serrurubele Rites of Passage Mentoring (Women to Girls)

Girls learn the lessons of womanhood from female mentors through weekly fellowship.

Sistahood Ministry

Meeting once monthly, this ministry is designed for the avid reader who enjoys discussing what has been read on a wide range ofgenre from Christian to secular, fiction to nonMembers also conducts educational workshops on various areas ofinterest and concern to women as well as "sister-to-sister mentoring.


The Bible says "Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord... " and the choirs of TUCC-Gary believe in giving God Praise. The musicians love to glorify the Lord through instruments. If you love to sing or play come and join us.

Praise Dancers

Praise does not only consist of singing and playing but like David shows us we can dance to the Glory of God! If you got running in your feet come on and join us praising God through movement.

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